Number of Teaching and administrative staff of the department:
Item Male Female Total
Total No. of teachers 03 03 06
Teachers with Ph.D as the highest qualification 03 01 04
Teachers with M. Phil. as the highest qualification 00 00 00
Teachers with PG as the highest qualification 01 02 03
Non teaching staff 02 02
 List the teaching and other staff with details as follows (Including CHB):
Name of the staff member Designation Highest qualification Specialization Experience Age Sex
Dr. R.E. Khadsan Principal M.Sc.M.Phil.Ph.D.
Organic Chemistry 22 Year 51 M
Dr. G.D. Tambatkar Assistant professor &Head Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 08Year 44 M
Dr. A.B.Wadekar Assistant Professor NET, Ph.D. Organic Chemistry 6.6 Year 28 M
Ku. Punam Upadhyay Assistant Professor on CHB M.Sc., Organic Chemistry 2Year 26 F
Ku P.P. Shingolkar Assistant Professor on CHB M.Sc. Organic Chemistry 2 Year 25 F
Dr. Smita Gawande Assistant Professor on CHB Ph.D. Organic Chemistry 2 Year 35 F