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General Information

Admission Process

a)         The last date for submission of application form will be displayed on notice board of the college.

b)         The students of reserve category and opting for any concession should fill the respective form before 1 st Aug 2010 other wise they have to pay full fees.

c)         The selected candidates will have to pay all fees within the prescribed date In case a students does not deposit fees by that date,his/her admission shall be treated as cancelled.

d)         No certificate of any kind will be issued, unless deposition of full session fees.

e)         Enrollment:- All new admitted students will have to enroll themselves in the university. A prescribed form for this purpose will be supplied by the college in due course of time and date prescribed by the university. A fine of Rs. 25/- is imposed by the University if the enrolment form along with the enrolment fees not reached the University within the prescribed date.

f)          Admission will be provisional, subjected to the approval of the University and is liable to be cancelled at any time if the applicant has given false information or University enrolment is not given to him/her.

g)         The Principal may amend the admission rules at his discretion. The Principal’s decision in all matter related to admission shall be final

8.2 Attendance 

8.2.1    In order to qualify for University Examination , students must attend at least 75% lectures (including practical) delivered in each subject.

8.2.2    Students who fall short of the required attendance also do not qualify for any concession, such students will have to pay full fees.

8.2.3   Students whose attendance is less than 75 % will not be allowed for university examination.


8.3 College Examinations.

8.3.1    Term Examination in the second week of February.

8.3.2    All unit tests (class Tests) will be conducted as per schedule notified by concerned teacher. All students will have to compulsory appear for the examinations. Students remaining absent from the above examination without prior permission shall be fined accordingly whereas students with persistently good performance in all the unit tests and  annual terminal examination will be given incentive.


8.4       Student counselling Units.


8.4.1    Career guidance cell

            The College has cell for guiding the student to choose their career, course of higher studies and for their personality development.

8.4.2     Teacher Counselling Scheme.

            On joining the college each student is placed under the personal supervision and guidance of a teacher and keeps record of the student’s progress and the activities.


8.5        College Magazine:

            College magazine RUGVED is run by editorial board consisting of members of staff and students who have a flair for writing. This gives an opportunity for self expression to the students in Marathi ,Hindi and English.


8.6       Cultural activities and Youth Festival:

            The college provides opportunities to talented students to participate in various cultural activities throughout the year and to participate in University Youth Festival.

8.7       Feedback mechanism.

    A significant involvement and cooperation of parents and students through a feedback mechanism is utmost necessary for the continuous improvement     of college.


Suggestion Box

            A suggestion box is available near the office of the Principal. The students can avail this facility for giving positive suggestions and  to solve their problems.


8.8       Games & Sports.

            The college encourages students to participate in various games and sports. Wehave facilities for Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Cricket , Badminton etc.


8.8 a    Physical Efficiency Test:

            All students are compulsorily required to attend the physical training classes. 75% attendance is necessary for Ist and IInd year students to appear for the annual RE test to be held in the month of January. Physical education department will notify the program,failure to appear shall be treated as indisciplinary action as per the university rules.


 8.8 b    Sports day celebration.

            This day celebration will be held in the month of December. The dates and schedule will be notified in due course of time.


8.9       Identity card

            All students and staff  of the college shall have the identity card during college timings. Students are advised to

8.10     Library:

            The college has fast growing library. The students are advised to borrow books in accordance with rules as are made for the library  purpose. Book Bank Scheme

            Under this scheme, EBC topper students can get a set of books issued for the whole year. Students are advised to contact the Librarian for details of the scheme.


8.11     Medical Examination :

All students of the college are required to present themselves for a medical examination in front of  a Medical Officer appointed by the college. Those who fail to appear for the medical  examination are liable for fine or any other disciplinary action.

8.12     Students Insurance.

            Insurance Scheme against accidents is run in the college as per university rule. The insurance is for one year and is renewed every year. All students are compulsorily required to be registered under this scheme and to pay the premium.


8.13     National Service Scheme.

            The college has been allotted 100 seats under the National Service Scheme by Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University .Student from all classes of B.Sc. and  B.A. can apply for admission in NSS. They are required to work 120 hours per year including a 07 days camp. The main object of the camp is to motivate students to work with village peoples and develop their personality through social work and upliftment of the society. NSS endeavours to inculcate among the student self discipline and a sense of service to humanity. The incentive marks will be given for participation in NSS activities as per Ordinance No.1 of 1985 of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University (Ref.8.21).


8.14 Student grievance redressal cell

A students grievance redressal cell takes care of general grievances of students.



Separate Grievance redressal committee for girls and Women working in the college is also established in the college. Prof. Dr. Ku. Y.S. Patil is Chair person of this committee.


8.16 College Welcome Function:

            For all new students of the college, the welcome function is arranged in the month of July. All students are required to attend it compulsorily. New Students are welcome by B.Sc II, B.Sc III and B.A. II, B.A.III students in the function andnew comers of the college are addressed by the Principal, Teachers, Non-teaching staff and some senior students.


8.16 College Annual Social Meet

College annual social meet will be held in the month of January.The dates and schedule will be notified in due course of time.


8.16 Celebration of Special days :

Looking towards the importance of various days like Teacher’s day, Republic day Independence day, other days as NSS calendar of University , birth day and death anniversaries of some renowned persons and Late Hon’ble Dnyaneshwar Maskuji Burungale are celebrated in the college.


8.16 d Farewell ceremony:

The college has tradition of giving Farewell to B.Sc. and B.A. final students in the month of February.

8.17     Excursions & Tours:

    No excursions or tours should be arranged by the students without prior permission of the Principal. However the excursion/tour are arranged through excursion committee either on a week end (Saturday and Sunday) or during vacation only. In no case the excursion/tour will be allowed from the month of January onwards.


8.18     Academic Calender

( As per Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Gazette No.146/2009 ; Dated-19-12-2009 )


Semester /

Long Vacation









First Semester


14th June 2010


30th October 2010


Winter Vacation


31st October 2010


21st November 2010


Second Semester


22nd November 2010


30th April 2011


Summer Vacation


1st May 2011


19th June 2011


8.19      Holidays

S.N.       Festival                                            Day                 Date                              


1            Rakshabandhan                               Tuesday          24th August 2010           

2            Ramzan Id                                       Friday              10th September 2010    

3            Ganesh Chaturthi                             Saturday         11st September 2010    

4            Gauripoojan                                     Wednesday     15th September 2010    

5            Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti                Saturday         2nd October 2010           

6            Sarvapitrumoksha Amavasya         Thursday         7th October 2010           

7            Christmas                                         Saturday         25th December 2010     

8            Republic Day                                   Wednesday     26th January 2011         

9            Ch.Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti              Saturday         19th February 2011        

10          Mahashivratri                                   Wednesday     2nd March 2011             

11          Gudipadva                                       Monday           4th April 2011                 

12          Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti   Thrusday         14th April 2011               


Calculation of available Teaching Days for the  academic session 2010-2011.


1 ) Total available Days for Affiliated colleges( Annual Pattern )  : 321 days

2 ) Sundays = 45

3 ) Winter Vacation ( Excluding Sundays ) = 18

4 ) Holidays = 12

5 ) Total Academic  Days  [ 1- ( 2+3+4) ]  = [ 321- ( 45+18+12 )]= [ 321-75 ] = 246

6 ) Days required for Admissions, Examinations etc. = 60

7 ) Actual Available days for Teaching = [ 5 – 6 ] = [ 246 – 60 ] = 186.


8.20   Uniform For the college students.

            In the college premises the uniform is compulsory for the college students. There is relaxation of uniform on every Thursday.The Uniform for the students is as follows -

I)          For Boys:  Dark Sky Blue coloured full pant and sky blue coloured full shirt.

ii)         For Girls:  Dark sky blue coloured top (Kurta) and Sky Blue coloured salvar

            and odhani.


8.21      Special Incentive Marks Scheme

(Maximum 10 Marks to be awarded)

The S.G.B Amravati University awards incentive marks to examinees with the purpose of encouraging them to participate in the extracurricular activities listed below. Out of the incentive marks earned by the student some or all of the marks may be added to the marks scored in one subject to help the examinee reach up to the minimum passing marks if so required. If they are not so required, the marks will be added to the total marks scored in all the subjects taken together.

            Award of incentive marks for participation in N.S.S., Games & Sports and other extra curricular activities maximum to be awarded 10 marks.



Incentive for



National Service Scheme ( N.S.S.)


a)  Participation in N.S.S. for 24 hours

( Maximum 120 hours for whole year )



b) Participation in N.S.S. for whole year with one camp


c) Participation in N.S.S. for whole year with two camps



Games and Sports


a)    Participation in Intercollegiate Tournaments or events ( University level ) ( per event )


b)    Participation in Interuniversity Tournaments or events (per event )



Cultural Activities


a) Participation in cultural activities such as Debates, Dramas,  Music Competitions etc., at the centres

( Inter-Collegiate ) recognised by the university ( per event )


b) Inter University participation in the above activities

    (per event )



Donation of Blood each time ( maximum 5 marks )



Collection of vital and other Statistics required by State Government as per Government Scheme



Home Guard


a) Participation in Home Guards


b) Participation and Camp



Participation of  Non NSS student in MASS PROGRAMME FOR FUNCTIONAL LITERACY ( MPFL ) by way of making at least ONE person functionally literate.



Paper published by students


a) For award winning at National Level


b) For award winning at State Level