Department of mathematics is established in 2000 with major objective of promoting U.G. students towards math oriented opportunities. The department being is an integral and basic part of college. At present department is headed by Prof. K.R.Mule with supporting staff members Ku P.S.Khatri, Ku R.S. Zadokar and Ku K.D.Panchwani.

            The department of Mathematics is providing guidance to students for competitive examination. Preparing students for seminar competition in maths of university & state level and arranged various activities in math such as mathematics knowledge test, entrance test for P.G Course, Ramanujan quiz completion etc. Departmental faculties take efforts for the success of students in various activities in mathematics due to this strength of students are increasing day by day. The faculty members & students in department are participating in the conferences, workshops, seminar competitions organised by various organisations .Also Department of mathematic have prepared modules for primary, high school students for understanding mathematical methods easily.

          Department of mathematics has MoU collaboration with R.D.K & I. D. College Bandera from session 2016-2017.

        Dept has organized university level “Research oriented workshop for mathematics teachers and students” during 10th and 11th Jan 2015in collaboration with Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Mathematics. The workshop was organized for the teachers, researchers and post graduate students of five districts, Researcher and postgraduate students were participated in this event affiliated to SGB Amravati University. The workshop was presided by Ramvijayji Burungale, and inaugurated by Dr. T. M. Karade ex-vice chancellor, Indian university, Raipur. Dr. Kishor Adhav, HOD, Mathematics Dept, SGBAU, Dr. Katore Sir Ass.Prof , Dept, SGBAU, principal of the college Dr. R. E. Khadsan and workshop co-ordinator Prof. K. R. Mule Sir were present on this occasion. Total 211 participants attended the workshop.