The S.G.B Amravati University awards incentive marks to examinees with the purpose of encouraging them to participate in the extracurricular activities listed below. Out of the incentive marks earned by the student some or all of the marks may be added to the marks scored in one subject to help the examinee reach up to the minimum passing marks if so required. If they are not so required, the marks will be added to the total marks scored in all the subjects taken together.

            Award of incentive marks for participation in N.S.S., Games & Sports and other extra curricular activities maximum to be awarded 10 marks.

S.N. Incentive for Marks
1 National Service Scheme ( N.S.S.)  
a)  Participation in N.S.S. for 24 hours ( Maximum 120 hours for whole year )   05
b) Participation in N.S.S. for whole year with one camp 06
c) Participation in N.S.S. for whole year with two camps 07
2 Games and Sports  
a)    Participation in Intercollegiate Tournaments or events ( University level ) ( per event ) 03
b)    Participation in Interuniversity Tournaments or events (per event ) 05
3 Cultural Activities  
a) Participation in cultural activities such as Debates, Dramas,  Music Competitions etc., at the centres ( Inter-Collegiate ) recognised by the university ( per event ) 03
b) Inter University participation in the above activities (per event ) 04
4 Donation of Blood each time ( maximum 5 marks ) 02
5 Collection of vital and other Statistics required by State Government as per Government Scheme 05
6 Home Guard  
a) Participation in Home Guards 03
b) Participation and Camp 05
7 Participation of  Non NSS student in MASS PROGRAMME FOR FUNCTIONAL LITERACY ( MPFL ) by way of making at least ONE person functionally literate. 05
8 Paper published by students  
a) For award winning at National Level 05
b) For award winning at State Level 03