Shri. Dnyaneshwar Maskuji Burungale Science & Arts College, Shegaon as a learning community committed to pursuing excellent and inspiring achievement, provide quality educational programs and services to enrich and empower students to reach their full potential as inform and productive members of the society.


SDMBSACS College strives for excellence in programs and services through fostering innovative teaching practices and educational technologies and valuing personal interaction as the core to learning.


SDMBSACS College endeavors to built community through addressing the educational needs of its service area, reading out to underrepresented population fostering relationship with local school and transfer institution and forging partnership with business and community organization.

Student Success:

SDMBSACS college promote students success by providing students centered academic and support services and creating opportunities for the employment, internship and community services.


Shri Dnyaneshwar Maskuji Burungale Science and Arts College, Shegaon inspire and prepare our students to reach their educational goals by providing:

  • Excellence in Teaching.
  • Rigorous academic programs for completion and transfer.
  • Training to enhance employment and career skills.
  • Preparatory programs for student’s success

Gaols of the College

  • Shri. Dnyaneshwar Maskuji Burungale Science & Arts College, Shegaon students, staff, and parents will hold themselves jointly accountable for their roles in assistant all learner to master high academic, social, emotional and physical outcome will be evaluated by definitive benchmarks of achievement at all levels.
  • Shri. Dnyaneshwar Maskuji Burungale Science & Arts College, Shegaon will provide curricula based on mastery of basic skills, but designed to challenged students to think, solve problem and apply their skills/knowledge at high levels, the curricula will promote lifelong learning, meet individuals needs and provide equal access to all learners.
  • SDMBSACS will provide the necessary resources to implement current and the emerging technology.
  • SDMBSACS will actively pursue supplemental financial resources through traditional and non-traditional sources.
  • SDMBSACS shall provide facilities which cultivate a safe, attractive and accessible learning environment and which can be made available to all students, staff and community members.