The department offers a full time three years teaching course leading to graduation in Environmental science. The syllabus of Environmental science is being designed as per the need of academics and the guidelines given by UGC and various other competitive examinations. The department is involved in imparting basic as well as applied knowledge in the subject. It also undertakes research activities on National and International problems so as to have a deep knowledge of the subject. The department has intake capacity of 60 students for B.Sc.-I, B.Sc.-II and B.Sc. III.
B. Sc Part I Environmental Science
Paper I Concepts Of Environmental Science (Semester I)
Paper II Ecology And Environment(Semester II)
PRACTICAL B. Sc Part I(Semester I)
A) Experiments on water analysis. B) Experiments on Soil and rocks and minerals. C) Experiments on meteorology. D) Spottings. B. Sc Part I(Semester II)  
A) Experiments on vegetational community structure. B) Experiments on Ecosystems. C) Spotting  
B. Sc Part II Environmental science
Paper III Environmental Chemistry(Semester III)
Paper IV Environmental Pollution(Semester IV)
PRACTICAL B. Sc Part II(Semester III)
  A)Major experiment based on Environmental Chemistry B)Minor experiment based on Environmental Toxicology C)Experiment based on Environmental Biochemistry D)Experiment on Renewable Energy
                                                  B. Sc Part II(Semester IV)
  A) Experiment on water pollution B) Experiments on air pollution C) Experiment on Noise pollution. D) Experiment on Soil pollution.
B. Sc Part III Environmental science
Paper V Pollution Control Technology(Semester V)
Paper VI Environmental Conservation & Management(Semester VI)
  1. Sc Part III (Semester V)
  2. A) Experiment on water
  3. B) Experiment on Air
  4. C) Short term Experiment
  5. D) Long term Experiment
  6. Sc Part III(Semester VI)
  7. A) Experiments on Biodiversity
  8. B) Experiments on Environmental Management
  9. C) Experiments on GIS & Remote Sensing
  10. D) Experiments on EIA